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With Kevo Writing—the brand name for writer, Kelly Vo—you receive writing expertise. You need to hire the right writer in order to get the right content for your brand. I’ll work with you to craft content that sounds like you, feels like you, is you. Previous clients have stated, “You write me better than I do,” and that’s always my goal.

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SEO Ghostwriting

SEO ghostwriting isn't your normal blog and website content creation. It requires detailed knowledge and expertise to do it right.

SEO Improves your business

Search Engine Optimization is vital to every business. If you want your business to show up in organic search, you need to think about SEO Writing for your website and especially your blogs. It’s all about keywords, meta descriptions, tags, categories, titles, layouts, images, etc.

Digital Marketing

When you need digital marketing that advertises your business, products, and services, you need a creative writer who can make the sale.

Tell Your Story

Research, professionalism, and creativity are the cornerstones of digital marketing writing. Effective advertising is compelling and encourages customers to buy now, learn more, and click here. I know how to tell your story and make the sale, while remembering SEO.

Creative Writing

Not all writing is equal. Boring, staid, and dry writing doesn't make anything happen. Creative writing brings words to life.

Unique Compelling Content

Creative writing is about finding all the right pieces and weaving everything together into a cohesive whole that begs to be read. If you need a book, magazine article, short story, marketing materials, or any content that stands out, you need creative writing

I’m the Writing Expert So You Don’t Have to Be!

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We initially hired Kevo Writing to help complete three separate government RFP and RFI responses and it soon became apparent that we would retain Kevo Writing for many future content creation services. On her first pass at the Vermont RFI, she completed the entire project with 97% accuracy and it only required a cursory glance before submittal.
TJ Ferraro, BioTrackTHC