Let me start by saying that I enjoy Christine Feehan. I’ve read a majority of her Dark Carpathian novels and so I’m already very familiar with her writing style and the cadence of her love stories.  Shadow Game is the first of Feehan’s Ghostwalker series. Unlike the Carpathians’, the Ghostwalkers is much more military focused and deals with men and woman who have been psychically and physically enhanced.

Shadow Game opens with Captain Ryland Miller and Lily Whitney. Ryland is a prisoner with the rest of his military team after being enhanced by scientist Peter Whitney, Lily’s father. Ryland is worried about his team—after a few have been killed—and is looking to escape. That’s when Lily shows up and instant lust/love.

Lily is the mad scientist’s daughter and a brilliant scientist herself. However, unlike her father, she connects with Ryland because she is also psychically enhanced. Lily is assigned to work with Ryland and his soldiers and as soon as she sees him, their attraction is instant. There is a telepathic connection immediately and their communication begins mind-to-mind.

The love story starts within the first chapters. Lily and Ryland are a good fit. He’s a typical alpha male, but Lily is not the typical wilting female. Instead, she’s a strong and courageous woman with her own issues and her own ideas. She doesn’t just roll over and allow Ryland to take over and control her. They are well-matched and are an enjoyable couple.

The instant love/lust is a little quick and a little too much. It would be great if there was a chance to build the relationship first instead of immediate, “We must have each other.” However, that’s a characteristic of Feehan’s romance. She enjoys jumping right into the romance and using the rest of the story and background to build the world and the relationship. This is definitely the case with Shadow Game.

The world of the Ghostwalkers is very complex and the first book is barely the tip of the iceberg. You’re introduced to a complicated medical and military story of super soldiers, murder, intrigue, and love. It’s obvious immediately that the series will follow the remainder of Ryland’s team as they find love with the women of Whitney’s experiments.

The story is a fun, relaxing read with some interesting twists and turns as well as an enjoyable romance. If you’re looking for a nice light read to bring you out of the world, the Ghostwalkers series is a good choice.