JukePop Serials: Summer Writing Project

This summer I've decided to do something a little different and a little special. Starting last week, my novella, Shadow Between, can be found online on JukePop right here! So far, only chapter one is available to read, but that's what is so exciting. This will be a serial novella, meaning that every few weeks, I'll upload a new chapter for your reading pleasure. You'll get the opportunity to read my story as it's created. That means you can let me know what you think as you read, make requests for what you [...]

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4.5 Stars: Sweep in Peace

Disclaimer: The Sweep in Peace cover is not official nor was it provided by Ilona Andrews. The novella does not currently have a cover. Instead, the cover from Clean Sweep was modified for the new title solely for the purpose of this blog. Sweep in Peace is the second novella in the Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews. The most amazing part of this series is that it's available for free online. You can read both books in the series by clicking here. You can also purchase Clean Sweep on Amazon. Ilona Andrews is [...]

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Novella Sneak Peek: Shadow Riddle

I've been working on a novella the last few weeks. One day, I was just sitting at my computer and the premise jumped into my head. I loved the idea, it sounded fun, and so it began. The following are in rough draft format so please excuse any errors. Premise The Between Lands lie in small pockets between the human realm. Here, magic thrives and every fairytale, myth, and deity lives as a part of the Fae races. When these two worlds collide chaos is inevitable, which is why the inhabitants of the [...]

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