Disclaimer: The Sweep in Peace cover is not official nor was it provided by Ilona Andrews. The novella does not currently have a cover. Instead, the cover from Clean Sweep was modified for the new title solely for the purpose of this blog.

Sweep in Peace is the second novella in the Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews. The most amazing part of this series is that it’s available for free online. You can read both books in the series by clicking here. You can also purchase Clean Sweep on Amazon.

Ilona Andrews is one of my favorite author duos of all time. I devour anything she and her husband put out and their serial novellas are no different. However, the Innkeeper Chronicles are decidedly unique. Unlike a traditionally published story, Ilona and Gordan post pieces of the story online a few times monthly so that you can read the story in installments, as they write it. This makes it exciting and fun. And I can tell you truthfully, there is no better cure to a bad day than to discover that a new segment as been posted online.

Sweep in Peace was finally completed just a few days ago and it was an incredible journey. It picked up right where the first story, Clean Sweep, ended. Dina and her inn, Gertrude Hunt, are back and better than ever. After the difficulties of book one, Dina is still struggling to transform Gertrude Hunt into a popular and profitable stop for inter-planetary travel. Unfortunately, it’s not going well and it’s about to get worse. When an Arbiter shows up, who you’ll recognize from The Edge series, things start getting really interesting.

Dina is an incredibly lovable character. She is tough as nails while still vulnerable and relatable. She has a difficult past and is driven by her inner demons, mainly the desire to find her missing parents. Her past drives her every action and makes the sometimes crazy circumstances very real. It’s almost impossible not to root for Dina’s success. She’s kind, funny, and spunky. And don’t forget her scarily awesome dog/monster, Beast, who only makes Dina more likable.

Gertrude Hunt may be an inn, but within the world of the Innkeeper Chronicles, it’s really its own character. Watching the inn develop and help Dina is one of my favorite parts of the story. Ilona and Gordon have endless imaginations and Gertrude Hunt is their chance to let it all go and see where their imaginations take them. It’s a lot of fun to read.  One of

One of the most-fascinating aspects of Sweep in Peace is the world building. The world has such depth and intrigue that you’ll find yourself begging for the next installment of the story just so you can learn more about these space vampires and the hope-crushing horde. They sound ridiculous on their own, but within the context of the world, their fascinating. And while the story takes place 90% inside our world, the glimpses into the wide universe make you wish there was more.

Gordon and Ilona are also great at bringing back characters. If you read and loved Clean Sweep you don’t have to worry that Sweep in Peace will be something totally different. All the main characters are back in this second installment. Even better, you get to dive down into each character a little more deeply. Although the Innkeeper Chronicles may only have two novellas, there’s no lack of development. You’ll love George and the gang and how they interact with Dina. She doesn’t have it easy but she more than holds her own.

Even if Sweep in Peace wasn’t free, it would be worth the cost of purchase. If you’re looking for a great urban-fantasy / sci-fi story, then look no further. And what do you have to lose but a few hours of entertaining reading?