There are many reasons to be a writer. In fact, it’s far more difficult to come up with reasons why not to be a writer than why you should be a writer. The list below hits the high points.

1. You look hip



Enjoy it while it lasts. It’s popular to be a nerd. Writers rejoice. Embrace your hip, introverted, emo self and write like there’s no tomorrow.


2. You get to read.



Writers get the opportunity to read more often. In fact, writers are expected to read. There is literally no better reason to write. Who wouldn’t want to read more?


3. You can write anywhere!



Just think, you could work from Scottland…from a cruise ship in the middle of the Mediterranean…from space. You can literally write no matter where you find yourself. I feel like there should be a Dr. Seuss book here.

4. Your imagination is the limit.


When you’re a writer, there’s no limit to what you can create and where your writing can take you. This is true whether you write novels, blogs, business copy, or even technical writing. So much of writing is inside your head and you can allow your imagination to take flight.

5. It makes people happy.


Writing brings joy! There’s no if and or but about it. When you write, you not only bring joy to yourself, you’ll bring joy to others. Even if you’re not writing creative fiction or nonfiction, writing is not something everyone can do and a well-written piece of copy will inevitably bring happiness.

6. You’re needed.


Everyone says that they can write. Millions claim to be writers. But every writer knows that there are actually fewer of us out there than you can imagine. Companies, publishers, bloggers, and content creators need exceptional writers who stand out in the crowd instead of blending in. That could be you!

7. It’s challenging.


A writer’s work is never done.┬áIt’s impossible to achieve the pinnacle of writing. A writer can always improve. A new writing assignment can always present a new challenge. Writing is never dull or boring. It’s also never the same. Each day is a new opportunity for victory.

8. Inspiration is everywhere.


Writers never lack for inspiration. You can be stuck on a subway train at 2:00am in the morning and instead of being annoyed, if you’re a writer, it’s the perfect opportunity for inspiration. Nothing is better than the creepy ambiance of a dark subway train to get those juices flowing.

9. Coffee is your best friend.


Writers drink coffee. It’s what we do. If you don’t drink coffee and you’re a writer…I’m not sure about you, let’s pretend you’re an anomaly. Anyway. Writers get to drink as much coffee as they want. It’s like a requirement or something. We don’t ask questions and neither should you. Just drink the coffee.

10. Your story is waiting to be told.


Everyone has a story. As a writer, you actually have a chance to tell your story and to share it with the world. Someone is out there waiting to read what you’re waiting to write. Don’t leave the pages blank. Being a writer is what we love anyway.