Crafting functional, interactive marketing content isn’t easy. If it was, Mad Men and its ilk wouldn’t exist. No, the reason why advertising and marketing firms exist is because writing, filming, designing, and sharing content that encourages clients and customers to perform action is a very difficult job.

How can you get inside your client’s head? What does your customer really want? How do you sell without selling?

The scope of the advertising landscape has changed drastically since the Mad Men era. Billboards, commercials, and magazine advertisements still exist, but there’s a feeling in the air that traditional advertising is becoming antiquated. Now that Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime provide TV on demand—not to mention YouTube’s vast presence—commercials are being reinvented. Now that news and magazine articles are available with the ease of a quick Google search, traditional print ads have begun disappearing. So, what now?

Advertising and marketing hasn’t disappeared. The landscape has changed to match our new lifestyle. When sitting in waiting rooms we no longer flip through magazines, instead we stare at our smart phones. When watching our favorite TV show, we enjoy a second-screen experience by chatting on Twitter or following along for behind-the-scenes on the web. iPads and Kindles have replaced hardcopy books and social media and phones have replaced our more traditional means of communication. To stay afloat—to continue to exist—advertising and marketing have embraced the new world order.

The new advertising landscape is digital marketing.

Unfortunately, digital marketing is a very broad term and so it can be hard to pin down. When speaking about digital marketing, I’m referring to any type of marketing and advertising that happens online, in the digital realm.

All of the above comprise the digital world of marketing. The largest, most interesting, and oftentimes most difficult aspect of this type of marketing—and one that is completely new to advertising—is digital engagement. Unlike a billboard, digital marketing doesn’t allow you to create content and walk away. Instead, it’s quite the opposite. Content creation is only the first step of well-crafted digital marketing strategy, the second step is engagement. When you share a post on social media, you can’t ignore what happens next. If your audience responds, you have to respond as well. It’s what makes digital marketing so exciting and frightening.

That’s why Kevo Writing specializes in writing exceptional digital marketing content, and why Kevo Social (coming soon) will help you strategize what to do with your digital marketing beyond your content. Take a look around and decide if you’re prepared to embrace the new advertising landscape. We can help.