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Kelly Vo is an avid reader, freelance writer, and the CEO/Owner of Kevo Writing. She is currently working to publish her first Urban Fantasy novel, and frequently writes short stories and novellas in the fantasy genre. For the last 5 years she's worked closely with the publishing industry through digital marketing, editing, and book release promotion. Beyond publishing, Kelly has spent the last 2.5 years as a digital marketing Strategy Director, so she knows social media inside-and-out.

5 Social Media Tips for the Busy Entreprenuer

Running your own business is exhausting. There are countless demands on your time and it can be a struggle just to keep all the cogs turning. Then, when someone tells you that beyond paying your bills, getting new clients, and making a living, you "have to have" an active social media presence. BAM! It can seem like a slap in the face and a completely unnecessary waste of time. How could Facebook be more important than closing a new client? How can Twitter outweigh being able to pay your bills? [...]

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4.5 Stars: Sweep in Peace

Disclaimer: The Sweep in Peace cover is not official nor was it provided by Ilona Andrews. The novella does not currently have a cover. Instead, the cover from Clean Sweep was modified for the new title solely for the purpose of this blog. Sweep in Peace is the second novella in the Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews. The most amazing part of this series is that it's available for free online. You can read both books in the series by clicking here. You can also purchase Clean Sweep on Amazon. Ilona Andrews is [...]

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Listening to Your Freelance Clients

It's amazing how reality and your perceptions rarely line up. No matter if you did all your research beforehand, when you're actually in the middle of the situation, it's an entirely different story. What's worse, your head can understand, but your heart may refuse to listen. And so when you finally arrive at your destination, instead of excitement, you're left with a sick stomach and wondering if you made the wrong decision. I've arrived, and I have a stomach ache. I find this especially ironic considering that, according to the Huffington Post, [...]

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4.0 Stars: Shards of Hope

The newest addition (released June 2, 2016) to the Psy/Changeling books by Nalini Singh, Shards of Hope, begins the new series arc and won't disappoint. It's an especially satisfying read for diehard fans who will love the glimpses into many favorite past characters. However, if you're new to Ms. Singh's series, I recommend starting at the beginning with Slave to Sensation. While Shards of Hope is a complete story in and of itself, there are so many returning characters and plotlines that you may find yourself lost or confused unnecessarily. After 14 [...]

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10 Reasons To Be a Writer

There are many reasons to be a writer. In fact, it's far more difficult to come up with reasons why not to be a writer than why you should be a writer. The list below hits the high points. 1. You look hip   Enjoy it while it lasts. It's popular to be a nerd. Writers rejoice. Embrace your hip, introverted, emo self and write like there's no tomorrow.   2. You get to read.   Writers get the opportunity to read more often. In fact, writers are expected to [...]

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5.0 Stars: Angel’s Blood

Nalini Singh is one of the premier authors of Paranormal Romance. Her Psy/Changeling series is on book 14 and is still going strong. In fact, her newest release Shards of Hope is available in stores today. While Angel's Blood is another of Ms. Singh's novels, it's a hybrid of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance and belongs to a different series, the Guild Hunter novels. Angel's Blood is the first book in the series and an excellent start. Nalini Singh is an incredible world-builder. From the very first pages of the  book she draws you [...]

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Which Style Guide Is Right for You?

There are a multitude of different grammar and writing style guides available on the market. Each guide is appropriate to use, and you can't go wrong as long as you choose a specific style guide and stick to it. However, I won't deny that this process can be frustrating. It's part of the English language. If you can write "that that" in a sentence then you have to accept that there are multiple correct ways to write the same sentence. The following blog will hopefully grant you a little bit of [...]

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4.0 Stars: Shadow Game by Christine Feehan

Let me start by saying that I enjoy Christine Feehan. I've read a majority of her Dark Carpathian novels and so I'm already very familiar with her writing style and the cadence of her love stories.  Shadow Game is the first of Feehan's Ghostwalker series. Unlike the Carpathians', the Ghostwalkers is much more military focused and deals with men and woman who have been psychically and physically enhanced. Shadow Game opens with Captain Ryland Miller and Lily Whitney. Ryland is a prisoner with the rest of his military team after being enhanced by [...]

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Novella Sneak Peek: Shadow Riddle

I've been working on a novella the last few weeks. One day, I was just sitting at my computer and the premise jumped into my head. I loved the idea, it sounded fun, and so it began. The following are in rough draft format so please excuse any errors. Premise The Between Lands lie in small pockets between the human realm. Here, magic thrives and every fairytale, myth, and deity lives as a part of the Fae races. When these two worlds collide chaos is inevitable, which is why the inhabitants of the [...]

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2.0 Stars: Blood Winter

Blood Winter is the fourth and final book in the Horngate Witches series by Diana Pharaoh Francis. Unfortunately, it feels like it was not meant to be the final book—too many things are left open-ended and unresolved. This is disappointing since as a reader you're left wanting more and wondering why you read the previous three books. This book once again follows Max and Alexander, but instead of moving forward with the progress from book three, you take three steps backward. By this point in the series, the Max and Alexander [...]

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